Organizational Development, Culture & Diversity

Organizations seeking to become more adaptive and innovative need to have great workplace culture. As organizational goals evolve, organizational structures need to capture the needs of their team members to accelerate innovation and foster creativity.

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How We Help Our Clients


Organizational Assessment, Gap Analysis & Change Management

Change is inevitable. Our goal is keeping moral retention high during these somewhat stressful times. The methodology behind creating solutions to management gaps starts with detailed identification of the issues. From there, our team develops unique, personalized data driven plans to mitigate risk and streamline processes.


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Inclusion’s about adapting the workplace for any employee. We take providing unique equity training seriously, moving past reaching diversity benchmarks and improving cultural awareness. Understanding these important factors supports a healthy, more productive work environment for all team members.


Leadership & Executive Coaching

Healthy business leadership requires individual strength, ability, and wisdom to bring out the best from the entire team. Our academic research shows management how to develop vision, negotiation tactics, and clear communication techniques. From entry level roles to the executives, skills and insight can be acquired through guided, evidence-based coaching techniques.

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Kaizen Human Capital is an evidence-based organizational development, leadership coaching, and human resource consulting firm. Kaizen’s methodology leverages evidence-based HR solutions to meet organizational needs. The Kaizen team is comprised of members of the academic community and experienced practitioners. We offer every client the ideal mix between practical HR know-how and the best evidence-based supporting guidelines.

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